Moving Tips for Pet-owners

moving with pets

Moving is tedious and stressful. It becomes even more stressful when you are moving with your pets. If you have owned a pet for a long, you won’t forget about packing the things it will need. There are several challenges for you when moving with your pet. Your pet will take some time to adjust to the different ambiance of your new location, just like you. Here we shall discuss a few tips to help you to be careful of your pet’s needs when you relocate. Take a look.

Maintain the pet schedule as much as possible

A change in environment and routine during the move will likely be uncomfortable for your pet. However, you can aid its transition by maintaining its schedule for as long as possible. Follow a similar routine of walking, feeding, playing, and sleeping.

Make the pet habitual to the crate a few weeks before the move

A pet’s crate provides a safe and secure environment for your pet when moving. So if your pet isn’t a regular user of the crate, pull it out a couple of weeks before the move and give it a lot of practice. Keep water and its favorite toy in the crate, so that your pet becomes habitual of staying in it.

Start packing early but slowly

You must help your pet get used to the process of moving. You can do this by packing early but slowly. Also, get some moving boxes with you to get your pet familiar with them before the moving day.

Take your pet to your current vet

Get a health checkup of your pet with your current vet. Let him know about your transition and answer your questions that you may have about caring for your pet when moving. Also, find a good vet in your new neighborhood for your pet.

Hire a pet sitter for moving day

Since you will remain busy with the movers on the move day, ensure engaging a pet sitter for a day. This way, you can keep your pet away from moving chaos that can be frightening for your pet.

Check out if your pet needs a sedative

Before you hit the road on a moving day, you must be ready with a sedative if it’s necessary for the pet. A light sedative is often given to pets when traveling to calm their anxiety. If your vet has prescribed it for your pet, keep it handy.

Let your pet be the last load in the vehicle

Make sure to load your pet at last in the vehicle. Also, pack up its toys, bedding, food, and water bowl in the end.

Walk around in your new location with your pet

On reaching your new location, walk your pet around the new neighborhood. It will help you get familiar with your new surroundings and let your pet sniff and smell.

Unpack pet necessities

Just like you want your things in your new place, your pet will also look for them. Therefore, ensure you unpack your pet’s box soon and arrange its supplies to make it cozy in its new place.

Return to your everyday routine as soon as possible

Return to your daily routine soon after arriving at your new place. The sights, smells, and sounds will be fresh for your pet. But, it will feel more homely when it gets the comfort of the old routine.

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