7 Tips to Save Money on Your Next Move

Save on Move

While moving to a new place is quite exciting for many, the same is exhausting and stressful for some. From packing your belongings into boxes to choosing a professional moving company to shift those boxes to the new place, there are several factors to consider when moving. On top of it all, if you are not prepared for the move, be ready to bear the hefty financial burden.

Below are a few tips to help you save money on your next move.

Make a Cost Estimate

Before reaching out to moving companies for quotes, you should roughly estimate the cost of the move. To get this estimate, you can also seek the help of online moving calculators. Once you have a rough idea of the total moving expenses, you can avoid overspending by skipping overpriced quotes.

Save on Moving Supplies

Buying moving supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, and other things adds to the cost of your move. You can cut these expenses by sourcing these items by asking neighbors or friends who have recently moved. You can also ask for left-out boxes from grocery, furniture, or appliance stores. You can also use your socks, towels, and sweaters to wrap and protect your glassware and other valuables.

Sell the Unwanted Objects

You can hold a yard sale to sell away unwanted things like clothes, books, furniture, etc. It will help out in reducing the number of movers. It might also help decrease the required number of vehicles for your move. Therefore, by selling out your unnecessary objects before moving, you get an opportunity to reduce the cost of your move. Also, you can make some money with it to put toward the total moving cost.

Make a Backup Plan

To make your move smooth and easy, you always plan everything. But there is a possibility that your timeline alters at the last minute. Therefore, you must always have a backup plan to ensure you save on expenses in the long run. For instance, if your move gets delayed at the last moment, you can plan to stay with your friend or a relative in the city for some period. This way, you can save money spent on staying in a hotel.

Beware of Cheapest Movers

The mover you choose will be responsible for safely transporting your belongings. Thus, ensure hiring the best moving company whenever you relocate. However, to save on the moving cost, you may hire a company offering its services at a low price. But by doing so, you might be risking the safety of your belongings. Moreover, a cheap moving service might indicate inefficient service. So, your belongings may show up late or even damaged, repairing which may cost you time and money. You might have to spend more than you saved on hiring cheap movers. Therefore, you must not fall for cheap bids and always choose reputable movers.

Pack Tactically

You can save space, time, and money by utilizing fewer boxes to pack and move your things. Nest your small belongings inside the bigger ones and stack them in the boxes. Make sure to use every inch of space while packing. When you tactically pack things and fit more items in fewer boxes, small trucks will do the moving job, and hence you will be saving money.

Cancel the Utilities

Instead of paying to move your cable and internet, consider canceling the service. You can get a new connection in the new place. Some cable and internet providers offer deals on new connections. Thus, you can get a discount or special vouchers for a new internet connection.

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