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At moveON moving, we offer professional residential and commercial moving services to households and businesses across the West Coast of the United States.

Our Movers and Packers are the best in the business. We can help you move no matter how big or small your move is. Trust a professional moving company like moveON moving to move your belongings to your new home or business.

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  • Whether you’re moving for work or simply want to enjoy a change of scenery, we’re here to help you move anywhere in the continental US. We specialize in Cross Country Moving and our Movers are the best at carefully handling your belongings.


  • We specialize in moving businesses. Whether your new office is across town or across the country, we’ll ensure that your cubicles, desks and electronics travel safely to your company’s new office. We can even load and unload your items outside your normal business hours.


  • Packing your items is one of the most stressful and time-consuming parts of any move – especially when you don’t have the time, experience or packing supplies to do the job right. Ease your mind by letting our professionals do the packing for you. You won’t need to lift a finger while we pack your items and load them into our truck.


  • Do you need to start the moving process before your new home or office is ready? No problem; we’ll store your items in our secure facility until you’re ready for us to transport them to their destination. You’ll enjoy 24-hour security with our storage service, and you’ll pay only for the space that you use.


  • We move Specialty items such as pianos, safes and vehicles. These bulky items require a little extra care during a move. We have the equipment and training necessary to move your specialty items safely.


  • Do you have an extremely fragile or valuable item that can’t be moved safely without special handling? Our builders will construct a custom crate to keep your fine art, statue or other valuable item immobilized and protected throughout the move.

Professional Moving Services

What’s the moveON moving difference?

Moving is easy and affordable when you work with a company that has the right tools and skills for the job. Our Movers have the gear – and the training – to move your items efficiently and safely. The differences don’t end there.

Our new, fuel-efficient trucks keep our gas costs down, and we pass the savings on to you. Our modern vehicles also offer the best possible protection for your treasured items. When you begin the simple SnapQuote process, you’ll see why we are the best and most experienced Movers in the business.

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Awesome Feedback from our Customers

The only thing that feels better than a job well done is when a customer takes the time to tell you that you’ve made a difference. We are proud and grateful for the opportunity to share our customers experiences with our movers.









About Our Moving Company

Every day, the moving and logistics industry becomes more efficient and sustainable by embracing the latest technological advancements. moveON moving is at the forefront of the moving industry’s digital transformation.

By working with our movers, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits that modern technology has to offer. Adopting the latest technologies allows us to move your belongings safer – and with less delays – than any other big moving company.

We’re growing rapidly, and we can’t wait for you to grow with us. Our company’s latest technological enhancements include:

  • Advanced logistics software for enhanced route planning of our moving trucks, faster travel times and more efficient fuel usage.
  • Digital logbooks and driver tracking from ZED ELD by Cummins to ensure that our truck drivers remain fresh and alert at all times.
  • Future plans to further reduce fuel consumption and driver fatigue by acquiring a fleet of self-driving Tesla trucks.

Our rapid growth has also enabled us to serve our customers better by opening regional offices across the United States. No matter where you are – or where you’re going – we have our movers nearby who can help move you quickly.

What’s the most important aspect of moveON moving? We are team players – and our customers are the most important members of our team. Get your Express Quote now or Call Us at 855.702.6683 to find out what it’s like to work with a moving company that truly values your business.

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