Moving Insurance Made Easier

Moving to a new home? Congratulations! Your move represents a new chapter in your life. To help that chapter begin on a positive note, we offer easy, affordable online moving insurance.

Moving insurance protects your goods in transit while in route to your new home, whether on the truck, or while in temporary storage. It’s important to insure your move because even the most careful moving companies encounter unexpected circumstances such as fire, motor vehicle accidents, theft, natural disasters and more. And as we are all aware, accidents do happen!

We offer coverage for in-state (intrastate), out of state (interstate) and international moves by land, air and water. While there are several policy options to choose from, we recommend ALL-RISK moving insurance for the broadest, most robust coverage.

Our insurance is designed to cover the current declared value of your belongings (less your chosen one-time deductible). This is vastly better protection than the “valuation” available through your moving company, which typically covers your load at a value of 60 cents a pound.

Why should you choose Baker International Moving Insurance? Here are four good reasons:

  1. Your coverage is provided by an insurance agency licensed in all 50 states and underwritten by a world respected carrier with an “A” rating from A.M. Best. They were the first company to offer online moving insurance, and they are the most long-standing provider in the industry!
  2. You can complete the entire insurance process online in just a few minutes. You’ll appreciate the affordability of our moving insurance options.
  3. You’ll receive unparalleled customer service. They call every customer to answer questions and confirm insurance details to avoid any confusion. Claims are quickly handled in-house by U.S. licensed claims adjusters.
  4. Any insurance policy you purchase from them, is guaranteed to protect your goods better than any other “coverage” or “valuation” that you can purchase directly from a moving company.

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For over 30 years Baker International has had the most competitive rates in the market. Of course the real value of any insurance company is how they respond in the event of a claim. No one does it better than Baker International. Claims are settled in-house by a most qualified adjusting team, supported by our extensive network of quality repair and restoration professionals.

You can purchase moving insurance coverage 24/7 directly from Bakers website

You need to provide them with two things:

  1. The approximate weight of the shipment.
  2. moveON moving’s Baker registration ID number 20492.

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