When is the Best Time of Year to Move?

Best Time for Move

So you have decided to relocate. Hiring a professional mover, packing your boxes, and decluttering your closets are some of your priorities during the move. You often decide on the moving date at the end, whereas it should be your top priority. Though a tiny detail, it is the moving date making your moving process easy and a little less costly. This article discusses the best time of year to move.

Best Season: Depends

Consider your needs, preferences, and budget to choose the season of the year for moving.

  1. Fall: this season is the best for moving. The weather conditions are mild, so your move will be easy. If you sell your home, expect to get a good deal. You can also expect to save on moving during late fall.
  2. Winter: this season is the cheapest time of the year to move as the demand for movers in this season is the lowest. However, if you have kids, you should not prefer to move in the winter season.
  3. Spring: Unlike winters, the weather would not be harsh during this season. Moreover, March & April have a lower demand for movers to expect a cheap move.
  4. Summer: this season sees the highest demand for houses, so it is an ideal time to sell yours at high prices. But, due to the high demand for movers during this season, expect to pay more if you move in the summer season.

Best Months: Late September through April

You can expect to pay less for your move from late September through April. During this period, there is a low demand for movers. Thus you can get moving services at lower rates. So if the lower rate of the moving services defines the best time for the move, then YES, you can call this time frame the best.

If you have kids, you may prefer to move during the summer months and avoid disturbances in the school year. But, because most families move during the summers, the movers are more in demand. As a result, most movers increase their moving rates.

Most of the leases start and end during the early fall and late spring, and thus the college students and other renters choose to move during this timeframe.

Best Week: mid-week of mid-month

Instead of moving at the beginning or end of the month, opt to move during the mid of the month and mid-week. Most moving companies stay busy during the first and last weeks of the month. Their demand decreases during the midweek, so you can expect to pay a low moving price.

Best Days: Weekdays

Most people, especially the working class, choose to move on weekends if they can’t afford to miss a day of work. And therefore the weekends are the busiest days for all moving companies. However, you can choose a weekday (Monday to Thursday) as your moving day. A moving company may also reduce its charges during the weekdays. Also, moving during the weekdays will give you the entire weekend to unpack and organize your stuff.

Best Time: Early morning

The team of movers will be fresh and energetic early morning and be more careful when carrying loads. Moreover, in summer, the early morning will have good weather conditions.

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