How to Choose a Moving Company?

Moving Company

Are you planning to move? If yes, the most crucial decision is choosing the right moving company. You might have thought that every mover is the same. They will arrange your things into the trucks and carry them to the new place. But, every mover offers different services, have separate policies and procedures, and quotes differently. For a smooth move, you should not randomly pick any moving company. Here, we have gathered a few simple steps to help you make a perfect choice.

Research Thoroughly

Do your homework first to make an excellent choice of movers. Search engines like Google can be your best friend for thorough research. See what all options are available, what price they quote, and which options suits you the most.

Mark the companies that fall within your budget. Call them and see what services they offer to narrow your research. Make sure you have an estimate of how many things you’ll be taking to your new home to determine the kind of vehicle you will require for the move.

Know what all you need

Once you sign a contract with a company, you cannot add any extra service even though the company provides it. So have a clear idea of all the services your mover offers.
Does the company provide moving supplies, or should you buy them yourself? How will they handle your valuables and fragile items? Ensure you have a clear answer to all such questions to avoid any last-minute hassles on the move day.

Look for the reviews

Make sure the moving company you hire has a good reputation. Look for the reviews of previous clients and go through the testimonials of the company you are considering. If it has a good reputation, the company will have references and recommendations to check out. Also, check the social media pages to see what other users say about the company.

Get different quotes

Good moving companies will readily provide you with an estimate. If the cost is the main factor in deciding on the moving company, you must get quotes from different companies.

Compare the quotes, services, and additional costs the companies charge. Some companies will charge only for transporting your stuff and do the dissembling of furniture and appliances for free. Some may quote additional charges for cleaning, packing, loading, unloading, and assembling furniture. Get quotes for all the services each company offers.

Moving insurance or valuation

Since you will also be moving your valuables, ensure that your mover offers moving insurance of some kind to protect your valuables. It will help you avoid accidental losses during the move. Most moving companies provide moving insurance (valuation) with moving services. And if they do not, you must update your insurance policy to provide coverage for your valuables. This way, you can relax even if anything goes wrong during the move.

Check the company’s license

Make sure you check for the license of the moving company you hire. A reputed company will not hesitate to verify its registration and license.

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