8 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving


Lots of people consider moving to be stressful and overwhelming. But with an appropriate beginning, one can make it smooth and easy. If you are relocating, buy the right supplies and take your time to organize and pack efficiently. Also, lift and carry the load carefully to avoid accidents when packing. Read further to be aware of the common mistakes homeowners make when relocating.

Not planning

Planning is the initial step that guides you in packing your stuff. When you plan and decide what all things you will need in your new place, you will pack only those. This way, you can reduce the load and lessen the moving cost. If you unsystematically pack things a few days before your move, you may carry heavy and unnecessary things. You must start planning at least a month before your moving day.

Not enough packing materials

Having fewer packing supplies is another mistake a homeowner makes when moving. You may start packing a few days before your move and may run out of boxes or packing tape. This situation usually arises when you don’t plan and don’t have an estimate of the packing supplies required.

You pack everything

When you pack without planning, you may pack even the things not required in your new home. When you plan the move, you can properly organize and pack only the things you will need in your new place and get rid of the rest by donating or selling them.

Not securing your belongings

Organizing stuff and putting them in boxes is not just enough. You also have to secure them properly to avoid damage. Therefore, you should carefully wrap each article, put it in the box, and then secure it with packing tape. Wrap the fragile and valuable items in bubble wrap before securing them in a packing box.

Not labeling the boxes

Your unpacking can become more stressful if you do not label the boxes. Labeling boxes does not mean you have to mention everything on the box. Just write the kind of thing in the box and the room where it will go in your new home. For instance, if a box carries kitchen utensils, label mentioning it to know what is inside.

Not wrapping sharp and fragile items

Failing to wrap sharp & fragile objects before putting them in the box can break or damage other things. Wrap the items made of crystal or glass in bubble wrap before packing. For covering sharp items like your knives, use towels or provide a cushion to such objects as they can damage other things and may even harm the movers.

Overloading the boxes

If your overload the boxes, they can break. To prevent this, know the capacity of each box and don’t load beyond that limit. Buy enough boxes of apt sizes and ensure they are sturdy enough to secure your belongings. Keep heavy objects in separate crates away from lighter items.

Not packing the essentials separately

You may require some items immediately after the move, including important documents, medicines, essentials like mobile and laptop chargers, toiletries, etc., and a set of clothes. Pack all these essentials in a separate box, and label them as ‘everyday essentials’.

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