How to Pack for a Move: A Checklist by Room

Move Checklist

Moving is not as simple as it sounds. It is a tedious process involving various aspects. And out of all, packing your stuff is the most stressful and tiring. You must carefully plan and implement it for your packing to be successful.

One of the best approaches to successful packing is to collect your moving supplies and then visit every room of your house, one by one and then pack each of the things you need to move. If you want to manage the packing process and make it less stressful, follow this moving checklist.

Gather Moving Supplies

You will need plenty of strong and sturdy moving supplies to ensure a safe and successful move. Although you cannot know the exact quantity of supplies you require, here are some of them you must have in hand before you start packing your things:

  1. Moving boxes: you will require a lot of boxes in which you can secure your goods like books, stationery, toys, utensils, etc. You can ask for any used boxes from friends or neighbors. You can also buy them from a nearby retailer or online stores. Collect boxes of various sizes, and ensure they are sturdy from all sides.
  2. Bubble wrap: Bubble wrap ensures to protect items it wraps inside. You can purchase these at an office supply or even a departmental store.
  3. Packing tape: ensure having a good number of packing tape rolls. When boxing up your stuff, secure them with enough packing tape.
  4. Marker: you will need a bold marker to label the boxes neatly to indicate the stuff it carries.
  5. Scissors or box cutters: you need these to unpack the boxes in your new home.
  6. Dolly: to prevent boxes from dropping, you must have a dolly that will help carry them from one place to another easily.

Tips for Packing Each Room

Visit each room and enlist the items you want to take to your new place. This way, you can organize better and keep track of your valuables. When packing, combine the items based on their function. Here are a few tips for packing each room.


  • Defrost the refrigerator two days before you move.
  • Use bubble wrap for the dishes or cover them in newspaper before putting them into the box.
  • Pack the glasses in moving boxes that have dividers.
  • Wrap the knives and other sharp utensils in a towel.

Dining Room

  • Wrap the rug in plastic. Roll it up and secure it with tape.
  • Dissemble the dining table and chairs. Secure the nails/casters and the legs in a plastic bag, and don’t forget to label them.
  • Secure the tabletop by wrapping it in a blanket. Keep the seats in a separate box. If there is enough space, put the plastic bag containing the legs in it.
  • Wrap the glassware and ceramics in bubble wrap.

Living Room

  • Use blankets to wrap the TV screen in it. Unscrew the base and keep them in the plastic bag containing the remote and power cables.
  • Make the couch and chairs easy to carry by removing their legs and securing them in a labeled plastic bag.
  • Use bubble wrap to secure the artwork and mirrors.
  • To prevent your coffee table from getting scratched during the move, cover it with a blanket.
  • Use smaller boxes to secure books.


  • Fold your casual clothes and put them in moving boxes neatly.
  • Keep your formal clothing in wardrobe boxes with hangers specially made to secure them.
  • Put your valuables in a container and keep them safe with yourself during the move.
  • Keep your bedding and pillows in a separate box, and don’t forget to label them.
  • To cushion the fragile decorative items of your bedroom, you can use your old T-shirts and socks.
  • Store the games and toys of your kids in a separate labeled box.


  • Keep the toiletries together in a separate box, and don’t forget to label the box for easy access at your new place.
  • Disconnect the washer and dryer and pack them for the move.
  • Keep the detergents and fabric softeners in a separate carry bag or a small labeled box.
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