5 Factors that Impact the Cost of Moving 

cost of moving

Are you planning to relocate? If you are, moving to an entirely new place can be full of challenges. One thing you must do to make your move easy is to hire a professional moving company. Once you hire them, you no longer need to freak out, as the professionals will be there to help you move. Now, you may be worried about the cost of moving services.

Well, you do not have one answer to this. Different companies will quote differently. It is because the cost of their moving services depends on various factors. Let’s discuss those factors in detail.

Relocation Distance

Every moving company will ask about the new location and distance from the current place. Whether you will move locally, within the state, to another state, or internationally are questions that will help determine the total cost. You must have clarity of the moving cost before you hire a mover. Ensure the moving company is transparent when it comes to pricing.

Size of Move

The size of the move is one of the crucial factors determining the moving cost. Moving more items will cost more and vice versa. The move size directly correlates with the manpower required for the job and the size of trucks that movers will use. If you have several packing boxes with furniture and fixtures, you will need a big truck or two to carry them. The mover may quote a lesser charge for a small truck and vice versa.

Tip – De-clutter before packing your things. You can sell or donate the belongings that you no longer want. It will reduce your packing boxes and thus lessen the size of your move and decrease the moving costs.

Services Required

Several professional movers offer different services that you might need when relocating. For instance, they can pack up your things carefully in boxes. They can also clean up the place for you. They can help load the boxes in the truck. When you reach your new station, they can help you unpack and reassemble your furniture.

Timing of your Move

Between your job and family commitments, you might not have control over the time of your move. But if you do have one, you can save a few bucks.

The season and the day of the week majorly impact the move cost. Summer (May and September) is the peak moving season. The demand for movers is too high, and the moving prices rise quickly. Also, people usually move during the holidays, the last week of the month, and weekends. It’s better to avoid these times.

Tip – Book your move as early as possible if you can’t avoid peak time. We recommend booking at least two weeks before the move to get in best prices.

The Complexity of Task

Packing, unpacking, and moving bulky and delicate items can attract higher charges. It is because it can make the process slower, more complex, and riskier. Moreover, it can also require more people to get the job done.

Also, the long flights of stairs in buildings with no elevators can eat more time and energy. The mover can charge you extra for this extra stress they took.

These are just a few factors affecting the costs of the move. You must always research and compare the quotes that different companies give. Make your choice after thoroughly reading the information you get about each company.

However, there are unlimited choices of moving companies to consider. So, you do not always have to pick a local moving company and pay whatever it quotes. You might find a national moving company that has bigger fleets offering its services at competitive rates. But, never let an affordable cost be the only reason for considering a particular moving company. Always remember that you will hire the company trusting that they will keep your belongings safe during the move.

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