7 Moving Day Safety Tips

Moving Day Safety Tips

The entire process of relocating to a new place is very challenging and strenuous. It also is dangerous as it involves lifting heavy objects, packing sharp and edgy things, and other precarious factors. The risk of danger increases when you opt for a DIY move and carry heavy loads without taking professional help. Just like you want to protect your belongings, you also must protect yourself during the move. Therefore, you must have a basic understanding of moving safety tips. Read this piece to know the big ones.

Call for help

Moving involves lifting and carrying heavy loads, be it furniture or other bulky boxes containing your belongings. Instead of doing it all by yourself, take the help of a partner – that can be a friend or a family member. Heavy lifting can be dangerous if done all alone, without any precautions. So to avoid injuries, it is always better if you call for help.

Plan in advance

You must plan your move well in advance. The planning process includes:

  • Prioritize the room to move first
  • Give the responsibility of loading the furniture and boxes to specific people
  • Come up with particular techniques and methods to move heavy objects.

When you move according to a specific plan, you can minimize risks and ensure a safe move.

Use sturdy boxes for moving

Ensure the moving boxes you use are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the things inside. If you have borrowed them from your neighbor or have bought second-hand boxes from a retailer, always double-check them. Use dry, clean, and sturdy moving boxes that have no signs of damage.

Avoid overloading the boxes

Make sure the boxes are not too heavy to lift. According to a general survey, if a moving box is more than 40 pounds, the person carrying it is at a greater risk of accidents. But this doesn’t mean you should weigh every box and ensure it is not too heavy. Instead, try to lift them. The boxes are within a safe weight limit if you can carry them comfortably.

Use the correct equipment

You can strain your muscles on moving items like large furniture, heavy appliances, and bulky moving boxes. To avoid this, you must use appropriate equipment like furniture sliders, dollies, etc. A local moving company has these all, so if you don’t want to buy them, rent these from a nearby company.

Secure your grip

Make sure to grip things properly when you carry them. It is necessary because the moving process includes lifting and carrying stuff. A secure grip is essential for avoiding personal injuries and property damage. For a better grip while lifting things, ensure to wear work gloves of good quality. Make use of box handles or side openings to lift heavy boxes. You can also hold a box with both hands securing it from the bottom when handles or side holes are unavailable.

Remove obstacles from pathways

Ensure there are no obstacles on pathways and hallways while moving things. Clear off the random objects and mess from the way to avoid any trips and falls during the move. You will not want any accidental slips or missteps due to some clutter on the way. So it is better to keep a clear pathway to ensure safety.

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