5 Common Myths About Using Movers

Common Myths About Using Movers

Relocating to a new place is often exciting for some people. All they can think about is their new place of work, the new house to live in, and a new corner to sit and chat with new faces. But this excitement often turns into boredom when they think about packing. Their experience of ‘moving’ is overwhelming and stressful, making them restless. It is where professional movers and packers come in.

When talking about moving companies, things like huge trucks, boxes, and people in uniforms often pop into mind. At the same time, several misconceptions related to them also come to mind. It often increases the stress of moving. In this article, we shall clarify all those myths.

All moving companies are the same

One of the biggest myths in the logistics industry is that every mover offers the same services. But, the fact is many moving companies are offering different services, products, functions, and moving experiences. Thus, you get various quotes making it tricky to compare them. You might also fall prey to false deals.

Therefore, you must get a clear idea of the quotes for each moving aspect, including valuation, packing materials, timeline, and what you should expect on a moving day.

You’ll be responsible for packing

Packing your things yourself before moving is another common myth. One of the most tiring tasks of moving is packing your stuff. Several moving companies provide packing services along with moving services. However, it depends on the nature of the moving service package you avail. Some companies offer reliable packing services as a separate moving service. It includes everything from careful packing to labeling each box neatly.

Movers damage your belongings

Another myth about moving services you come across is that they don’t handle belonging properly and damage them. Whereas, the truth is that the movers get paid for transporting your stuff carefully. Moreover, they undergo special training and learn professional skills to handle your delicate belongings.

DIY Move is Cheaper

It may seem like hiring a truck and packing, loading, and driving yourself is cheap. But unfortunately, a DIY move will cost you more than hiring a local moving company. Buying packaging supplies and renting a truck for moving are the apparent costs of DIY moving. When you add the ‘hidden charges’ of gas, hotel lodging, and insurance costs for your valuables to the moving expense, the cost increases. Don’t forget to count the time and effort you put in to pack and load your stuff.

When you hire a professional mover for the job, you save on money, as well as your time and effort. You will have a team of experienced professionals to execute the move for you, thus ensuring a satisfying result.

Weekends are the best for moves

For moving, most people find weekends to be the best time. According to them, if they start packing on Friday, they will have plenty of time to move on the weekend. Since most people believe this, you can expect many of them to move on weekends.

So moving on a weekday is always a great option. However, you must always plan for the move in advance and decide on the date and time that suits you best to make your move. Also, ensure booking a mover well in advance so they can plan it well.

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