9 Tips to Make Your Move Fun and Memorable

Tips to Make Your Move Fun and Memorable

Although moving is stressful and tedious, proper management and organization can make it exciting. Whether doing it alone or with family, you must pack all your household goods and other essential stuff to move with you. And how to pack all that is the biggest question that leads to the stress of moving. However, if you plan with a little effort and understanding, you can carry out this task seamlessly.

If you can’t do it yourself, you can approach a moving company to help plan your relocation. But, if you have decided to do it yourself, read this article to learn simple tricks that can help make your move fun and memorable.

Plan in advance

You are wrong to think relocating to a new place will take only a day or two. It takes several weeks to complete the move and settle in the new destination. To carry out the moving process smoothly, you must plan it. With proper planning, at least a month before your moving day, you can also make the moving process easy and stress-free up to a great level.

Secure your moving documents

Create a separate moving folder and keep all the necessary moving documents in it. These include the lease papers for the new house, moving contracts, etc. Securing such documents in a separate folder will allow you to produce them whenever required in your new place.

Remove the nonessential items

It is always good to pack only those things you will use in your new place. Move your vigil eye on your stuff and brush out the nonessential items. When you carry just the necessary things, you can reduce your transportation weight and cost.

Start packing early

Packing shouldn’t be quick. Give it enough time, patience, and effort. Carefully look at the stuff you need to pack, organize in sturdy cartons, and seal them with tape. Since packing will take time, you must start at least two weeks before your moving day.

Pack room-wise

Gathering and packing all the moving stuff in a single room can be difficult and time-consuming. To avoid such unnecessary efforts, start packing room-wise.

Label Properly

After putting the items in the box and securing them with the packaging tape, you must label them. When the box has a label indicating the room and the kind of items it contains, it will help during unloading. All you need to do is emplace the boxes according to the label. Ensure labeling on the sides, as the top and bottom will remain covered and out of sight.

Separate your moving day essentials

Keep a separate bag to store your essential items for the moving day. These include your medicine, chargers, toiletries, and two sets of clothing to wear on a moving day and for the next day. Also, keep some cash with these essentials for petty expenses.

Make a separate box for kid’s toys

Get a separate box for saving your kids’ toys and label it with colorful markers. You can cover the box with stickers to distinguish it from other cartons. Thus, your kids can easily access their old toys in their new house.

Disconnect utility services

Since you will be moving to a new place, disconnect your utility services like power, water, gas, telephone, etc. You can apply for transferring these services if you are moving locally. You can also look for new providers in the area you are moving and apply for a new connection.

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