6 Tips for Stress-Free Office Moving

Office Moving

Are you relocating to a new and bigger office? While the process is exciting for the company, it can be stressful for those coordinating it. It is why most companies often postpone their move and stay in cramped offices. Hire a professional office moving company to remain stress-free during the move. Once you understand the relocation components, your move will become fast and easy. Here are a few helpful tips for increasing the chances of a quick and efficient office moving.

Plan your Move

Whenever you are moving your office, keep in mind that it requires detailed planning. Also, planning will have much impact on the moving process. Thus, decide the moving day & time well in advance. We suggest planning your move at least 2-4 weeks before your moving day.

Also, determine a plan about where you will put your stuff in the new place. For example, if you want to add furniture, see if there is enough room in the new office.

Communicate with your Employees

You must always ensure to communicate with your employees regarding the office relocation. Update your moving plans and time schedules with them. As your official address, phone numbers, and other things will change, notify all your staff members about them. Inform them about the changes and procedures, including new building rules and packing arrangements at the new location. You can also ask your staff to make a moving checklist of the moving stuff so that nothing important is left behind.

Hire Professional Movers

Whether relocating your home or office, you must always hire experienced and professional movers. They will ensure that your office equipment is moved to the new location carefully and timely. Before hiring a mover, be sure the company is competent enough to handle computers and related stuff while on the move. For this, you can contact the previous clients of the moving company you are considering. You can also ask your friends and family if anyone has hired that company in the past. Ask them if the moving services of the company were satisfying and reliable.

Deep Clean your Office

While you might not want to carry some of your old stuff to your new office, you may also not want to miss out on the important stuff. It is why deep cleaning your office is necessary. You can remove your old files and sell or donate the furniture and office equipment. You can therefore keep off your old, unwanted things and reduce the stuff to move.

Inform your IT Team

Notify your IT team about the relocating time and place of the new office. As your new office will require new phones, internet connections, and other such things, your IT team can plan for all such stuff accordingly. Moreover, they can protect your files and hardware before the relocation, so you don’t lose important data.

 Update your Address Everywhere

Since you are relocating to a new place, make sure your suppliers and customers know it all. They must know about your relocating time, your new office address, and the time you resume your business. Also, update your business cards, website, social media, and Google Business Listing.

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