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Why Is Hiring Specialty Movers so Important?

Often, the items that are most difficult to move are also the most valuable. An antique piano or original oil painting is a one-of-a-kind item.

Pianos and paintings — especially antiques — are show pieces chosen with loving care, and they should be handled that way by an experienced moving company.

Vintage and Rare Motorcycles are also precious things that customers need moved to their new homes. We specialize in motorcycle shipping and moving, making sure that your motorcycle gets transported safely to its destination.

Professional specialty movers understand the risks of moving a specialty item and work proactively to prevent harm to the item, its environment and themselves.

Moving a specialty item isn’t just risky for the item and for your home — it’s also risky for the people involved.

Without teamwork and mechanical assistance, you could easily break your foot while carrying a bulky item or injure your back trying to lift the item.

When we enter into an agreement to provide specialty moving services, we understand the requirements of safely moving the item in question. We will arrive with the appropriate equipment and manpower to get the job done.

Think that hiring specialty movers is more expensive than doing the work yourself? Actually, hiring us will most likely cost less than moving the item yourself.

Since we’ve moved many items like yours, we know how to get the job done quickly — and we already have all of the required tools.

Buying straps, levers, dollies and cranes for moving heavy items can quickly become very expensive; you do not want to cover those costs if you don’t need to do so.

Bulky and Specialty Moving Services

If you’re moving, you want your most treasured items to come with you. At moveON moving, we are happy to offer moving and storage services for bulky and specialty items including:

Nice Grandfather clock in persons home in the foyer

  • Pianos
  • Artwork and sculptures
  • Safes
  • Motorcycles and ATV’s
  • Grandfather clocks

Do you need to transport a bulky item that requires special care?

Don’t risk the item’s safety by attempting to move it yourself. Contact reliable specialty movers that move high-end items such as yours on a daily basis.

Moving a Safe or Vault

Moving a safe usually requires an electronic dolly with the ability to safely carry a weight of several hundred pounds.

An additional challenge of moving a safe is that most safes reside in their owners’ basements — so moving a safe almost always requires bringing it up and down staircases.

You should never attempt to move a safe without professional assistance because a wrong move can result in severe injury.

Moving a Painting or Sculpture

The best way to move a painting or sculpture is to build a wooden crate specifically for that item. An appropriately sized crate with foam padding prevents the item from moving and isolates it from bumps during transport. moveON moving offers custom crate building to move your valuable artwork safely.

Some paintings and sculptures utilize delicate materials that are susceptible to heat and humidity. We offer climate-controlled moving for specialty items that cannot tolerate climate changes.

Shipping a Motorcycle or ATV

For safety during motorcycle shipping, we drain the fuel from a motorcycle or ATV and disconnect the battery before loading the vehicle for transport. Those safety measures help to prevent accidental fuel ignition while the vehicle is in our truck.

After using a ramp to load your motorcycle or ATV, we’ll use belts to strap the vehicle to the floor of our trailer. Keeping the vehicle perfectly still prevents bumps, scratches and accidental movement.

Moving a Grand, Baby Grand, or Upright Piano

Out of all the specialty items that exist, pianos are arguably the most difficultBaby Grand Piano in a persons home by the stairs to move. Let our professional piano movers do all the heavy lifting.

Pianos are both extremely heavy — a grand piano may weigh more than 1,000 pounds — and extremely delicate due to the internal network of sounding boards, strings and moving hammers.

A piano is a precision instrument, and an error could render it unplayable. Moving an upright piano requires a dolly, furniture straps and extensive padding. Moving a grand piano may require two dollies.

Moving an Arcade Game or Pinball Machine

Pinball machines and Arcade games are relics of a treasured past, and few companies still make them.

When a pinball machine functions properly, it’s the result of hundreds of individual parts working in sync. Transporting it requires great care.

We all remember the Seinfeld episode where George Constanza tries to move the Frogger arcade game.

Moving an arcade game is a logistical nightmare, especially if your trying to keep your high score like Costanza.

Let our specialty movers transport your arcade game for you. Don’t worry about pushing it across the street while cars speed by you like George did.

Moving a pinball machine usually requires separating the legs and back panel from the main body.

Breaking the pinball machine down makes its shape less cumbersome and simplifies the moving process. As pinball machines are both heavy and fragile, moving the main body requires a dolly and plenty of padding.

Likewise, moving an arcade cabinet typically requires a dolly, padding and furniture straps.

Contact Us Today for Specialty and Bulky Item Moving Services

Don’t risk your treasured items — or your health — by attempting to move bulky items on your own. Contact moveON moving today.

Tell us about the item that you need to move, and we’ll explain what’s necessary to complete the move quickly and safely.