Short and Long Term Storage

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Why Our Moving and Storage Service Is Different

Our storage service is different because we’ll handle the challenges of packing and transporting your heavy items for you. We’ll even pad and shrink wrap your furniture to ensure its protection.

While your items are in our storage facility, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your property is safe.

Our climate-controlled storage facility features 24-hour security and controlled access. Only our staff may enter and leave.

Affordable and Convenient Storage Services

Space in our storage facility is very affordable because you pay only for the space that you actually use. When you need to retrieve your property, we make the process smooth and simple.

Since we are also a professional moving company, we can deliver your items anywhere — even across the country.

Storage Benefits for Renters and Homeowners

Renters and homeowners most commonly use our storage service because Climate Controlled Storage Warehousethey’re moving.

Suppose you’re building a new home. In anticipation of your upcoming move, you’ve listed your current home for sale.

It’s wise to list your home early because it can often take several months to complete a real estate sale — but unexpectedly, you receive a firm offer right away.

If you complete the sale now, you’ll need to live in a rental property for a few months while your new home is completed.

Our storage service bridges the gap by making it easy to store your property while you’re between permanent homes.

Why else do renters and homeowners use our moving and storage services? These are just a few of the reasons:

  • Job relocation: If you’re moving to a new area for work but haven’t evaluated the real estate options in your new city yet, we’ll keep your things safe until you’re settled in.
  • Heirloom protection: Do you have a few treasured heirlooms that don’t fit with your home’s decor and are too important to store in your attic or basement? Our storage service provides an affordable solution.
  • Extra space: If you need a bit of extra room in your home and don’t want to hold a yard sale, you can store your items with us instead.
  • College storage: Would you like to do something with your child’s room while he or she is away at school? Our short-term storage service is the perfect option.

Storage Benefits for Businesses

We also offer short term and long term storage for business property. Many businesses utilize our storage service when they need some extra space.

Suppose, for example, that your company wants to upgrade its computer workstations. Your old workstations contain sensitive data, and you aren’t prepared for the expense of sanitizing the hard drives and recycling the old equipment.

We’ll pick up your workstations and store them until you’re ready to do something with them. We’ve also performed numerous office moves.

Whether you’re moving to a new office or simply need to create space in your existing facility, contact us for help.

Does your company attend trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas? Our service is perfect for storing and transporting your convention displays.

How Our Full-Service Storage Differs From Self Storage

The biggest problem with self storage is that it isn’t affordable.

A self storage facility can’t customize its units to suit the needs of individual customers, so it needs to ensure that its units are large enough to serve as many people as possible.

Unless you can fill your unit from floor to ceiling, you’ll end up paying for space that you aren’t actually using.

Our storage service is different because we arrange the items in our facility to use the space in the most efficient way possible.

Our effective usage of the space means that we can charge you only for the space that you actually use.

The quality of our storage facility is greater than that of a self-storage facility — and you’ll pay less for it.

Why moveON moving Beats Self Storage Every Time

  • We’ll pick up your items and store them securely until you want to Warehouse Security Beaconus to deliver them.
  • When you want your items back, we’ll deliver them to the location of your choice.
  • Our facility features climate control and 24-hour security monitoring. Only moveON moving employees may enter.
  • We provide padding and shrink wrap to protect furniture and other large items.
  • We use electronic tracking to make retrieval easy and ensure that your items cannot be misplaced. You’ll receive a full printed inventory when we pick your items up.

Storage for Large and Specialty Items

Owning and managing our own storage facility gives us the ability to store items with unusual shapes and sizes — something that few self-storage facilities can do.

Do you need an option for storing and moving a piano, band or orchestra equipment, a pool table, a pinball machine or an ATV?

Contact us. We specialize in packing, moving and storing specialty items of all sizes, shapes and weights.

How to Prepare Your Items for Storage

If you need an option for storing furniture, nothing is more convenient than storing your items with moveON moving.

We’ll break down, protect and transport your furniture with no effort required on your part.

What if you need to store smaller items, though? Storing small items requires a bit more effort.

These tips can help you with how to pack for short and long term storage.

  • Use sturdy boxes. It’s often necessary to stack boxes in our storage facility, so you should pack your items in boxes that can bear some weight. Wooden crates provide ample protection for especially fragile items.
  • Protect your items well. Use plenty of material such as packaging foam and bubble wrap to keep your items safe.
  • Clean and dry all items. Dirty items in long-term storage can harbor mold or attract pests.
  • Use pallets if possible. Pallets elevate your items to maintain good air circulation.
  • Use space efficiently. When you’re paying for storage by the cubic foot, make the most of your space by packing items as efficiently as possible. Vacuum bags, for example, greatly reduce the amount of space that clothing requires.
  • Label boxes clearly. If you plan to store your items for several months, you’ll probably forget which items are in which boxes. Label your boxes to make unpacking easier.

Contact Us Now for Short Term and Long Term Storage Solutions

Are you ready for a convenient and affordable moving and storage solution that fits your needs and works within your schedule?

Contact moveON moving now to learn more about how our short-term and long-term storage solutions can help you.