Seniors Moving to Las Vegas


One of the hardest decisions to make is finding the perfect place to retire. There are so many things to consider like the kind of community, environment, cost of living, housing price and so on.

Interestingly, thanks to its low tax rates, a rich lineup of world-class entertainment, sunny climate and proximity to California, a rising number of senior citizens are now moving to Las Vegas. Now, Las Vegas has become the next retirement hotspot for active adults from all sides of California.

Senior citizen holding a moving box

Here are a couple of reasons why Las Vegas has become so attractive to Californian retirees.

    1. Las Vegas is just a few hours away from the Golden State. Those who’d not want to stay too far from their family can easily drive down to Las Vegas. Plus San Diego and the coast are just a couple of miles from there. In addition, Northern Californians can also take a 90-minute flight to the Bay Area so Las Vegas actually near and easily accessible to those in the Golden State.
    2. Similarity in culture. Originally, most areas in Las Vegas have been populated and developed by those from Southern California so it’s not surprising to notice a few similarities in terms of culture like their love for music and entertainment as well as the laid back lifestyle and laissez-faire attitude. In short, living in Vegas is almost the same as living in the East or West Coast, just remove the heavy traffic and high cost of living.
    3. Beneficial Tax Structure. Overall, Nevada is quite popular for its low state tax rates with no personal income tax and has significantly low property taxes. In addition, retirees won’t need to be taxed for inheritance and estate taxes. Like how a famous Las Vegan saying, “Tourists pay the taxes for us”, and that’s entirely true. That’s why this place is so attractive seniors who are now relying on their retirement savings.
    4. Abundant Entertainment and Leisure Options. I don’t need to explain how famous Las Vegas is when it comes to world-class entertainment and leisure. Aside from the usual 24-hour casinos and amazing shows that run both night and day, a couple of leisure activities tailor-made for the active adults are also available here.
      At the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) and at the Las Vegas Department of Leisure Services, retirees can enroll in further academic studies as well as venture into various leisure activities, day trips and other activities.
      While those who love watching performances and listening to classical music can come to The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. In Las Vegas, senior citizens will have plenty of opportunities to have fun, spend time with family, and create long-lasting memories.
    5. Mild, Sunny Weather All Throughout the Year. The mild, warm weather in Las Vegas encourages its residents to venture into different outdoor activities like golf, tennis, hiking, biking and so on. Here, golfers will have plenty of options to choose from. A couple of public and private golf courses are located all around the city. In addition, active adults who feel more adventurous can go on day trips and explore the mountains, the deserts and Lake Mead which are all just an hour away. They can also visit some of the famous local attractions like the Valley of Fire and the Grand Canyon or watch shows at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Furthermore, retirees find the warm, dry climate in Las Vegas comforting, especially in relieving joint pains and arthritis.
    6. Volunteer and Community Work. The problem that active adults face during retirement is not having anything to do which results to lethargy, loss of physical strength and sickness. In a 2007 study, it was found out that retirees who involve themselves in volunteer or community work tend to have higher life satisfaction, a deeper sense of purpose, and an improved mental and physical well-being. Luckily for the senior citizens In Las Vegas, they’ll find lots of volunteer or community work here that’ll fit their interest and lifestyle.
    7. Growing Number of Active Lifestyle Communities. A great example of a thriving retirement community can be found in Las Vegas. In that place, senior population accounts for more than 11% of the residents. Because of this, the other nearby areas have started to offer various activities and services that would cater to the active adult population. In addition, a couple of lifestyle community developers like Sun City, are investing in active lifestyle communities which offers affordable houses and a plethora of amazing amenities. Also, a lot of senior living apartment, condo buildings and assisted living facilities have started booming in this region. Take note, compared to the other states, the homes in Las Vegas are still the most affordable especially for retirees.

senior citizens moving to Las Vegas

So with all of these great benefits, it’s no wonder why most Californians are picking Las Vegas as their next retirement destination. And when they’ve finally decided to move, that’s where we come in.

We at moveON moving are ready to help our senior customers with their plans of relocating to this amazing city. We offer affordable local and long distance moving services in Southern California as well as from Los Angeles, San Diego and other areas in the Golden State.

We’ll help you move to your new retirement home, senior apartment community or assisted living facilities with ease. We’ll also offer you with special promos and discounts which are exclusive only to our senior clients.

Our expert movers will help you all throughout the relocation process. This includes packing and unpacking, dismantling and assembling, installation and storage. We also move special items like pianos, artworks, antiques and vintage collections. So you don’t need to worry about anything.

Remember, if you’re planning to move to Las Vegas, call us NOW and let’s talk about what we can do for you OR get a FREE quote here on our website.

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