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Searching for grand piano movers can be quite difficult. You need to make sure that they have enough experience move these delicate instruments. Pianos can be cumbersome. They are large, unevenly sized, bulky and are delicate to handle. A slight mistake in handling may lead to expensive repairs or even lost memories, if it is an antique heirloom that has been passed down for generations.

Those who are thinking of moving their pianos long distances, should carefully look for the best and most reliable movers who are capable of accomplishing this task.

Look no further because moveON moving are pros when it comes to piano moving.

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moveON moving offers specialty moving services for items that are over-sized or bulky. This includes items that would require the use of special equipment in order to move them properly and safely. One of the services that we offer is piano moving. We can move all kinds of pianos – all shapes and sizes.

Our movers are highly-trained and fully-equipped for moving pianos, therefore providing our customers with the best and hassle-free moving service there is on the West Coast.

How can you be sure that we’ll treat your piano with utmost care?

moveON moving understands how valuable this musical instrument is for our clients. That is why it is our mission to treat each piece as if they are our own. Our expert piano movers are here to get your pianos to your new place safely and reliably.

From the biggest and the most expensive piano to the smaller, family heirloom ones, we transport every kind of piano you may have.

This includes:

  • Upright pianos
  • Baby grand
  • Grand
  • Any kind of keyboard instrument

We have a team of professional piano movers who’ll work with you to relocate it anywhere you want.


Piano moving requires special handling and knowledge. With its complex construction and delicate moving parts, relocating a piano from one place to another is challenging if not done by experts. Fortunately, our movers at moveON moving are professionally trained in piano moving.

Before loading a piano in the moving truck, our movers will first make sure that your piano is carefully packed and protected. They’ll use padding and will strap it down to keep it in a safe position so that it stays in place during the entire move.

Furthermore, we also have the equipment necessary to move your pianos up or down stairs. We can also use a crane if necessary to conveniently move your piano, thus making sure it is safe from any damage in the process.

Keep in mind that in moving large and heavy items like a piano, careful attention is needed to avoid tarnishing the casing, finish or any of its internal moving parts. moveON moving guarantees that your item will be shipped properly using:

  • State-of-the-art tools and equipment which includes piano boards.
  • Proper techniques in handling pianos.
  • Specialized training given to our piano movers.


Do not worry, our movers at moveON moving are all specially-trained in piano moving. They have accumulated years of experience and have adequate knowledge when it comes to moving pianos. We move all kinds of pianos from Spine to Grand as well as antique and modern-type pianos.

In addition, we also accept moving services for other specialty items like artwork, gym equipment, chandeliers, large entertainment systems and more. Give us a call right now, or get pricing and book completely online.