Moving to Los Angeles (The Ultimate Guide)

The city of angels – the city of dreams – the city of entertainment. Los Angeles has made many names for itself and it is not a surprise why so many people want to move here. People from all over the world flock to this great city to follow dreams of stardom or just enjoy everything that the city has to offer.

However, LA is not like other cities. It is a beast of its own. And if you dive in head first without knowing what it’s all about, you might be in for a major culture shock. But have no fear because we made a specialized list for this exact occasion. If you’re about to take the next step in your life by moving to Los Angeles and are considering hiring long distance movers or hiring Movers in Los Angeles. Here is the ultimate guide to moving to Los Angeles to help you out with your upcoming move.


When you hear people talk about how amazing the weather is there, they’re not kidding. It’s nearly perfect.The weather alone is a huge reason why many have migrated to this sunshine filledmoving los angeles weather paradise. It rarely rains and if it does it’s only in the winter months.  The days are hot and sunny without being too humid or overbearing, and the nights are cool and breezy. What more could you ask for?

However, if you don’t already know, LA does not have the freshest air. Los Angeles is the most densely populated urban area in the United States – and it shows. That means that there are thousands of people living in every square mile of the city, and thus produce a vast pollution outreach. So if you’re driving up to the city and see a big foggy cloud hovering over it from far away, be aware that those are not rain clouds.

Luckily, fixing the smog situation is a city wide endeavour. There is a huge push for pollution reducing actions, such as becoming more bike friendly. Those worried about health concerns simply have to keep their ears on the news for weather warnings to make the best plans for their day. Take these factors in consideration before you hire professional movers to move to Los Angeles.


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We’ve all heard about the traffic struggle when it comes to any big city. And it is definitely no surprise since LA itself has nearly a population of 4 million residents. That being said, where you choose to live is a pretty big deal. If you will be moving to Los Angeles to attend school or a new job, try to keep your everyday destination in mind. In less large metropolitan areas, driving 10 miles might take anywhere from 15-20 minutes max. But living in LA, you would probably be able to get there quicker by speed walking than in a car. During rush hour, it is safe to add on an extra 45 minutes to whatever your GPS is calculating.

Of course, commuting doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are tons of options to make your commute easier. Invest in a reliable car like a Toyota RAV4 or a Nissan Altima to make your ride one of comfort.  If you aren’t much for far travel, consider using Uber and Lyft services on a regular basis. And always be prepared – morning commutes are great times to catch up on your favorite podcasts catch the latest news on 89.3 KPCC, or, if you’re an actor/singer/entertainer, learning songs, lines, and getting your vocal warm-ups in. Take advantage of all that extra time!


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Deciding what area of LA to move to is one of the most important decisions in the moving process. Consider where you’re planning on going to school or working to plan the best commuting route.. The neighborhoods vary in traffic, amount of tourists,, price, culture, and everything in between. Before you move, take the time to visit some of the neighborhoods to find the best fit for your and your family.

For example, Atwater Village is a great places to raise a family. Moving from an upscale fashion hub to a family centric community, Atwater Village is the perfect blend of adulthood and hip for young families.

For a more classic feel, consider Culver City. A traditional favorite, Culver City is close enough from downtown LA to boast galleries and exclusive dining. Yet the homes are comfortable, the streets are clean, and the friendliness and comfortable atmosphere is another great family spot.

Not living with a family? Consider the artistic life of North Hollywood, home to all the aspiring stars. with tons of local bars, theaters, and galleries, it’s not hard to find something to visit on a night out.  NoHo is home to those who are ready for the fame, but not pushing to get out of their artsy phase. Make sure to notify your moving company about any difficulty getting the moving truck close to your front door.


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LA’s culture is as diverse as the people who inhabit it. There’s a general consensus about the love of exercising, eating right, and generally being healthy, and a positive attitude and open minds.

Just like deciding where to live, consider the unique neighborhoods as your best bet for finding the best cultures to fit your life. are you a creative? Consider the NoHo area or . ready to embrace food and life of other cultures? Consider spending time in Sawtelle Japantown or Chinatown. ready to know the truth about the big screen? Don’t go to touristy Hollywood, but Studio City instead – were the real magic happens.

Things to do

Some parts of LA are more family oriented while others are better suited for singles. The family friendly neighborhoods are usually pretty quiet when the sun goes down, but nightlife in LA is very much alive. The biggest tip anyone can give you if you are looking to go out, is that all bars and clubs close at a solid 2am. Expect all the lights to come on at 1:45am, and for everyone to be completely cleared out by 2.

There are tons of activities for families and anyone looking to have fun during the day.. There is always the beach, boardwalks, Hollywood Boulevard, wax museums, hiking, amazing coffee shops, TV studio tours, and basically anything your heart desires. And, of course, we can’t forget the magic of Disneyland is just a stone’s throw away.

The city of Angels typically takes years to get to know, so don’t feel overwhelmed when you first visit. There are tons of areas to grow to love, and take advantage of the closeness of so much diversity so nearby. Just remember, follow your dreams, and find the perfect place in LA to call your home.

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