Moving from California to New York

Have you finally made up your mind in moving from Los Angeles to New York? Undoubtedly, these two cities are the most popular in the United States, but did you know that there is a large difference between them, especially when it comes to the cost of living, culture and transportation?

These two don’t need much explanation when it comes to convincing someone to move there. They can each sell themselves using their own unique features and attractions. However, prospective New Yorkers have a lot of things to keep in mind before taking the plunge and hiring movers in California. So lets take a look, which city wins? Los Angeles vs New York?

Why move from California to New York?

Moving to New York City

As the famous song by Alicia Keys say, “New York is a concrete jungle where dreams are made of.” If there’s a place where you can work hard to make your goals come true, it’s NYC. Plenty of opportunities await those who’re dedicated enough to reach for their dreams.

People from different countries and all walks of life flock the streets of New York. Each of them are full of hope and passion in whichever field they’re in. If you’re a tourist, you’ll easily notice this strong, independent culture of the locals. You can find most of them rather opinionated, not scared of speaking their mind. They’re also quite ambitious, dedicated and resolute.

You might be wondering why they’re like this. It’s probably because life in the Big Apple isn’t as glamorous and easy as others might think. In order for one to succeed there, they have to endure painstaking hours of work and a tough, fast-paced lifestyle that’s always changing.

Prospective New Yorkers will have to face the various difficulties and adapt to a whole different New York lifestyle if they do decide to stay in this urban jungle.

Aside from this dominating attitude, New Yorkers are known to be slightly altruistic towards others. It’s a common gesture to help a woman get her stroller up the stairs without the small talk.

Simply put, it’s normal for locals to help others whenever they can. This is actually reassuring and less worrying, though of course, not everyone is and good and trustworthy.

Nevertheless, New York City is teeming with great food, abundant local entertainment and endless job opportunities, so moving from California to New York might be hard at first, but it may be the best decision you can make for yourself or your family.

Living like a true New Yorker

Moving from LA to NYC can be quite daunting at first since you’re not familiar with the local culture. It’s also easy to spot a tourist among the crowd of New Yorkers. Some of the things that you need to get used to is the everyday hustle and bustle accompanied by different construction noises, especially in the downtown area.

Memorizing the city layout can give you an edge while living in this city. Getting familiar with the different boroughs and neighborhoods here can help you a lot.

Especially if you’re looking for a place to live in New York since the cost of living here can be a little different depending on where you’re looking. The most densely populated area is Manhattan while Brooklyn is starting to grow as one of the premier residential locations in New York.

Cost of Living

Cost of Living New York vs California

Compared to Los Angeles, the cost of living in New York is really high. In fact, if you’re planning on moving from LA to New York, you have to expect that a huge chunk of your monthly budget will go to the rent.

If you’re going to examine the prices of the apartments in LA and NYC, you’ll see the big disparity which is also one of the reasons why a lot of people find it hard to find a place to stay in the Big Apple. Everyday expenses like gas and utilities are also significantly higher in this city.

For prospective New Yorkers, it’s vital that they spend some time knowing the area where they’re planning to live in. Also, they shouldn’t go beyond their budget, therefore ending up in serious debt as well as settle for living in a small apartment that’s clearly overpriced.

In addition, this costly rent doesn’t mean big space and because New York is a highly populated modern city, it’s obvious that residential areas here consist mainly of apartments or condo units which aren’t that spacious unlike bungalow houses.

Locals there have learned the art of minimalist living – having less furniture while exploiting all the corners and walls of their homes. In short, once you choose to live there, you should be prepared to downsize and adapt to this kind of lifestyle.

Furthermore, those who’re thinking of moving from California to New York with their whole family must expect that most of the good schools in the Big Apple are already overcrowded thus they no longer accept new enrollees who come in during September.

This means their children might end up attending any school that’s not yet overcrowded, regardless if it’s geographically convenient for them or even if they like it there.


Great Public Transportation when moving to new york

If you’re living in Los Angeles, you know that it’s essential to own a car because the current public transportation there isn’t quite efficient enough to cater the growing transportation needs of its residents unlike in New York where they have a great public transportation system.

People might think that having their own car will bring them much more convenience and travel independence. After all, they can go anywhere they want, anytime. However, this can be difficult if they’re in New York since most apartments doesn’t include parking spaces.

Plus, the cost of gas is a lot higher so normally, if you’re saving up for rent, you don’t need that extra expense of car maintenance and gas.

Fortunately, the public transportation system in New York is highly efficient and reliable. In fact, residents can get anywhere within the city in just roughly 45 minutes. They’ll also tell you that thanks to this, they’re able to enjoy more late night drinking considering they can easily go home safely via taxi even if they stay inside the bar until 2am.

Drunk driving accidents are also avoided seeing that most people will just walk home or hail a cab therefore eliminating the need to drive home by themselves.

Unconsciously, New Yorkers are able to stay fit thanks to the culture of walking. In New York, you’ll find everyone walking a few feet their destination. This also allows them to interact with different people on the streets every single day.


California winters compared to New York

California is known for its gorgeous coastal beaches and warm weather. That’s quite the opposite in New York. Winters in LA are noticeably warmer and more tolerable as that in the Big Apple. In fact, temperatures can drop as low as 0°F in NYC while in Los Angeles, it’s around 48°F.

A tip for those moving from LA to NYC, buy your winter jackets in New York as they’re made to be much warmer and are able to withstand the cold weather.

Spending winter in New York means trying out various winter activities such as ice hockey, skating and snowball fights. You can actually skate for free, all winter long at Bryant Park.


New York has much better Entertainment than moving to New York

There are numerous things to see and do in New York. Time Square is the number one tourist hotspot (and tourist trap) where people can enjoy all sorts of local entertainment. There are Broadway theaters, cinemas, shopping malls, boutiques, and restaurants lining up the streets.

Speaking of Broadway, you shouldn’t miss out on these spectacular shows and try to see as many as possible because they’re all worth it. Aside from this, there are also a couple of art galleries and museums scattered across the city.

State parks and small parks as well as golf courses also dot the region. You’re not a true local if you’ve never been to Central Park. This place is the perfect spot to escape from the urban jungle and just relish the peace and serenity that nature has to offer. This park is definitely the heart of New York. There, locals as well as tourists can enjoy different outdoor activities.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll never run out of places to visit in the Big Apple when you move from LA to NYC.

Planning to move from Los Angeles to New York City?

Taking the big leap of a cross country move from California to New York City needs a reliable long distance moving company. First, you need to contact a trusted mover in Los Angeles and talk about your plans. It’s also important to check your budget and do some prior research and look for an apartment beforehand.

Overall, moving from Los Angeles to New York has its own advantages and disadvantages. What matters most is that before finally deciding your big move, you first need to weigh in the pros and cons and prepare for the things to expect once you are there. Do your homework first. Take time to research or ask your friends who’re currently living in NYC about what it’s like to live there.

Choose moveON moving company as your trusted Long Distance Movers who are experienced in moving from Los Angeles to New York.

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