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Do you need long distance movers that can transport items from your home or office to a new location quickly, affordably and safely? Look no further, we are one of the top long distance moving and storage companies on the West Coast of the United States.

We at moveON moving are happy to offer long-distance moving services to and from anywhere in the United States.

We’ll ensure that your items reach their destination safely, and we’ll eliminate the many headaches that come with doing the work yourself.

Moving across the country or just a few states over? No Problem! moveON moving is one of the best long distance moving companies for an interstate move.

Why Do I Need Interstate Movers?

People generally approach us for long distance moving services because they’ve landed new jobs elsewhere in the country and need someone who can
moving boxeshelp them relocate their property.

Other common reasons for hiring long distance movers include military deployment, marriage and going to school.

No matter what the reasons for moving may be, we understand how important your items are and can help you move them safely.

We also work extensively with businesses that require our long distance moving services for office or employee relocation.

Do you need to move furniture, workstations and servers to a new office elsewhere in the country?

Do you need to hire affordable long distance movers to help an employee relocate to a new city?

Benefits of Hiring a Long Distance Moving Company

Hiring a long distance moving company makes the relocation process so easy and stress free that many of the benefits of using long distance movers don’t become fully evident until after you’ve completed the move.

Hiring Cross-Country Movers Saves You Money

“Wait,” you’re asking, “wouldn’t hiring long distance movers cost more than moving my own items?”

Not so fast. Facilitating a cross-country move might seem inexpensive on the surface. When you consider all of the costs involved, though, you’ll discover that handling your own move is actually a costly proposition.

If you move your own items, you’ll have to cover all of these costs:

  • Hiring help: You didn’t actually think that you were going to move that upright piano to the moving truck by yourself, did
    you? That’s right — you’removing truck on highway still going to need moving help. Even if you hire some friends and pay them with pizza, it’s going to cost something.
  • Renting a truck: Even if you already own a truck or van, chances are that it’s not big enough to move all of your possessions across the country in one trip. You’ll need to rent a moving truck.
  • Paying for fuel: If you handle your own cross-country move, you won’t just have to pay for a truck. You’ll also have to fuel a gas-guzzling diesel engine.
  • Hotel stays: Driving a moving truck from one end of the country to another without pausing to rest is unwise and unsafe. At some point, you’ll need to stop for the night and book a hotel room.
  • Food: You won’t just need to fuel the truck during a long-distance move — you’ll also need to fuel yourself.
  • Hidden fees: When renting a vehicle, you may need to pay additional fees such as a State Rental Tax and Environmental Tax. You may pay too much for the rental by getting a truck that’s larger than you need. You might need to insure your items. You’ll probably need time off from work.

After all of the expense and effort of moving, the work won’t be over when you reach the final destination. You’ll still need to unpack your items — and you’ll probably be exhausted.

Putting the bed together so you can sleep isn’t a lot of fun when you’ve just completed a cross country move.

Are you moving furniture and other heavy items?

You’ll need heavy moving blankets and plastic wrap. The need to buy supplies is only one of the hidden costs of moving that you can’t fully appreciate until you’ve committed yourself to handling the move yourself, and it’s too late to change your mind.

In most cases, you won’t save money if you move without hiring a long distance moving company — you’ll actually spend more.

We already have all of the supplies necessary for packing items safely, and we understand the logistics of cross-country moving because we do it every day.
long distance moving truck racing along highway

Moving Long Distance by yourself is stressful

Most people rank moving among the most stressful and unpleasant of all the activities they could possibly be doing. It’s right up there with calculating income taxes and going in for a root canal.

Handling a long distance move takes a toll on your wallet, but the impact on a persons stress level is far more dramatic.

Moving your possessions from one location to another is only one aspect of a long-distance move.

  • You also need to coordinate with your employer. Your spouse may need to do the same.
  • You need to enroll your children into their new schools.
  • You need to schedule shut-off dates with your utility providers.
  • You need to tell people about your new address.

Every time you cross one item off the list, you think of five more items to take its place.

Let our long distance movers handle the moving duties so you can concentrate on everything else. Take a look at our moving checklist for things to accomplish before moving day.

Why Hire Us for Your Long-Distance Moving Needs?

Sometimes, a long-distance move doesn’t go exactly as planned. You might plan to move several months in advance, for example, only to find that your new home isn’t ready for you yet.

If you use moveON moving for a cross country move, that’s no problem. We’ll store your items securely and affordably until you’re ready for them.

  • Does the move require special handling?
  • Do you need a moving company that can expedite the long distance move or arrive at the new location on a guaranteed date?
  • Do you need to move a specialty item such as a pool table, a piano or artwork?
  • Do you need a moving company that can pack and protect the small and fragile items for you?

Never fear; ask us about our white glove and expedited long distance moving services. While other companies might say “no,” we will do what’s necessary to accommodate you.

The best part about hiring moveON moving for a cross country move is that we are one of the top long distance moving companies. On the day of the move, we’ll arrive and carefully pack your items within our spacious moving truck.

We’ll come with the necessary padding and plastic wrap for the furniture and other heavy items. We’ll move all the items with no effort required on your part, and we’ll do it with a smile. No pizza required!

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