How to Move a Pool Table (The Ultimate Guide)

So your wondering How to Move a Pool Table? This is no easy task. Pool tables are very expensive and if you don’t move a pool table correctly, you’ll find yourself missing even the easiest of shots.

One of moveON moving’s specialty moving services is moving Pool Tables. We know that moving this large, heavy item isn’t a task for one person — especially for an inexperienced mover. So we provide our clients with hassle free moving services to help you sit back and relax while we do all the heavy labor.

We’ll take all the pieces apart carefully, inventory them and pack each of them to move them to their new location, then reassemble it like a Lego piece with efficiency and precision.

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However, we do understand that there are some people who prefers to do this task the D.I.Y style. Keep in mind that you need to call a couple of your friends to help you with your pool table moving. First, you need to carefully dismantle it without forgetting which part should connect with another.

Also, you need to be really skilled in carpentry or handling furniture plus also organized so you won’t get the parts jumbled up. Also, you need to prepare a couple of tools and equipment for this. One challenging part is safely removing the felt from the slate without leaving one part out. But of course, nothing beats putting the felt back on.

Though it may not seem like it, a huge, heavy pool table can be one of the hardest items to move. Deciding to do it on your own can be really challenging and backbreaking unless of course you are confident in your skills and with your helpers.

Also, if you’re not careful, you might break your pool table or worse, you might get injured or one of your helpers injured in the process.

Preparing to move a Pool Table

So here are some things that you need to know about How to Move a Pool table before you start taking your pool table apart:

  1. Prepare your tools and equipment – to dismantle an item as big and as heavy as a pool table, you need a set of tools like a staple puller, a flat head screwdriver, safety goggles, socket wrench and a power drill.
  2. Follow the instruction manual – it’s always best to keep the instructions manual for cases like these. So if you’re unsure where to begin, then look at the instruction manual which came with the item when you first bought it.
  3. Dismantle your Pool Table – the first thing to do is to disassemble your pool table carefully. Part by part. Bit by bit. You might think it’s easier to move a pool table in one piece through the doorways and upstairs, but it’s not. It’s actually wrong and could potentially be dangerous to you and your helpers.
  4. Group the parts that go together and put labels on them – there’s no harm in being organized. Everything you remove from the screws to the bolts need to be carefully catalogued and labeled so it’s easier for you to put it back together. Taking a picture of how they look like before would also help. Wrap these parts carefully and store them safely inside the moving truck. Remember, there is nothing worse than moving all the parts and suddenly wasting time finding missing screws in a box full of parts. It’s even worse going out and running to the hardware just to buy the missing part.

How to move a pool table

Now that you’ve gotten an idea on what to prepare and expect, let’s move on to the actual dismantling, moving your pool table, and reassembling it:

  1. Start by removing the staples from all six side pockets using a staple puller. Sometimes these are secured with screws so you might also need your flathead screwdriver to do this part.
  2. Keep an eye out for bolts. Unscrew each one using a socket wrench to hold each rail in place. Then remove each rail. If the rails are attached at the corners, ask one of your helpers to assist you in flipping the rails over so you can take them apart. Don’t forget to put labels on them.
  3. Removing the felt is the trickiest part of all. Why do you need to take this off before moving the pool table? Simply because it would lessen the damage to it. If you’re thinking of replacing the felt then just simply tear the old felt off the slate. However, if you plan to re-attach it again, then do step one.Pool Table Moving
  4. To remove the screws from the slate, you need a power drill. Afterwards, take the slate off. If the slate is all in one piece (or even in multiple pieces) then you might need to ask a couple of your friends to help you with this part. Remember that each slate can weigh up to a few hundred pounds per piece. Also, handle the slate carefully since any chip or dent can have an enormous effect on the overall function of the pool table.
  5. Detach the frame, wrap it and move it to the back of the truck. Don’t forget to wrap the rails and legs, and place them on top of the frame. Each piece is matched to each other so take extreme caution in handling them.

Reassembling your Pool Table

Even the handiest of men would need this guide on How to Move a Pool table. If you followed everything in this article then it should be quite easy to put your pool table back together. With all the parts, screws and bolts grouped and wrapped carefully with labels, you already know which parts would go together.

The best way to reassemble a pool table is to do it upside down. This means you need a set of strong arms to help you flip this huge thing over afterwards.

Start with the slate. Level it according to the floor by using shims. Make sure the place where you’re trying to reassemble the pool table has a level flooring else, this will affect your pool table’s overall gaming function. After leveling the slate, use beeswax to fill in screw holes. Also, wax the seams. Using a propane torch will melt the wax and once it’s dry, use a metal paint scraper to smoothen the surface.

Next, add the felt and rails. Use a razor blade to cut holes so you can place the bolts. This part is the most time-consuming so prepare yourself beforehand. Use a metal paint scraper to flatten the felt and push any air bubbles out. You don’t want any creases or bumps in the felt if you want to play like a pool shark.

Once the felt is in place, put the rails on. Close the gaps carefully, making sure there are no wrinkles or creases in the felt.

Once the table is all set up, you can now put the legs on one by one. With the help of a few strong men, flip the table over and voila! You have successfully moved your pool table.

Hire Professional Movers to Move Your Pool Table

If you don’t see yourself doing all of these steps on How to Move a Pool Table then it’s much better to hire one of the best moving companies and let them do this tedious job while you relax. moveON moving has a team of experienced movers who’ve handled these kinds of situations before, so there’s no need to worry. We move a Pool table almost everyday, so we would be happy to help you with moving your pool table.

If you’re interested to know how we can help, then give us a call now at 855.702.6683 or Contact Us.

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