Fine Art Movers

For over a decade, we’ve handled different kinds of move and this includes fine art moves. These are cases where our clients would ask us to transport their valuable and expensive belongings like paintings, sculptures, antiques and other irreplaceable fine art.

If you’re looking for a moving company who will surely get the job done efficiently and safely, moveON moving is the one you hire. We know the ins and outs of moving delicate items such as these and our fine art movers are equipped with the right tools and equipment necessary for this kind of move. We’ll make sure our clients will receive their valuable items in the same condition as they were before our team even saw them.

What are some examples of items that fall under this category:

  • Portraits and large paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Chandeliers
  • Antiques
  • China and other expensive ceramics


As a notable moving company in Las Vegas, we have moved libraries, art galleries, museums, along with other institutions (private or public), where special handling is required.

If your move includes relocating expensive and delicate items like paintings, artworks, china, crystal furniture, family heirlooms or other items that would require special care and attention, then moveON moving is the moving company to turn to.

Our movers our highly-trained and well-experienced in handling fragile items such as these. Let us do the packing and crating for you.

In line with that, we provide a wide range of specialty moving services which includes:

Furthermore, our fine art movers don’t just know how to properly handle your items, they also have a bit of knowledge about artwork, sculptures or antiques. That is why they know which method to use in order to protect these valuable objects during transport and ensure their safe delivery to your new place.


When planning for big moves, our clients must remember to talk to their Project Coordinator beforehand regarding our professional packing service. Once you’ve booked the move, we’ll send our team to assess your belongings, and plan on what method of packing is suitable for them. We’ll also make an inventory of all the items that you want us to move. Then, we’ll give you a detailed estimate, which covers the entire moving process – from packing, transport, delivery and unpacking.

We dismantle and individually wrap moving parts – expertly storing them so they won’t get damaged during the move. We’ll place them inside non-moving containers and carefully reassemble them upon their delivery to your new place.

Once we have made sure that your items are fully-secured, we’ll transport them along with your other items. In addition, your project coordinator or move counselor will be there to explain everything that you need to know regarding your move. This includes the costs, materials as well as the unpacking and installation services which will be provided to each of your items that requires special handling.

Overall, our clients have a peace of mind knowing that their most prized possessions are in good hands. Furthermore, we fully understand how important their belongings are to our clients so that’s why we only give them the best kind of service when in comes to moving delicate or fragile artwork or paintings.

moveON moving is happy to answer any questions regarding this specialty moving service. We are one of the most experienced, trusted and reliable fine art movers in Las Vegas. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or get your free estimate online. Our goal is to make your relocation to any place in Las Vegas convenient, safe and hassle-free.