Crating Services

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Do you have a bulky, fragile or oddly shaped item that requires special handling for safe transportation?

Our professional crating service can help you prepare your item for the journey to its destination. moveON moving are experts at moving specialty items and a crate is a great way to protect them.

When you hire the experienced crate builders at moveON moving, we’ll come to your location with the necessary supplies to build a wooden crate that bears your item’s weight, prevents unwanted movement and ensures worry-free transportation.

Why Some Items Require Crating Services for Safe Transportation

Items that require crating for safe shipping are typically heavy, easy to damage or not the right shape for packing in a standard box.

A guitar, for example, is much wider and heavier on one side than the other. Packed in a flat cardboard box, a guitar would most likely rattle around and tip over.

Some of the other items that typically require crating services include:Wooden crates stacked high inside a warehouse

  • Artwork such as sculptures, framed prints and original paintings
  • Musical instruments without hard cases such as guitars, cellos and percussion equipment
  • Work equipment such as lathes and table saws
  • Vehicles such as motorcycles and ATVs
  • Any item that has an unusual shape or is too heavy for a cardboard box

A Crate Is Much More Than a Wooden Box

A crate is not a plain wooden box.

It’s a custom-built shipping solution created for one specific item or collection of items. If you’ve ever packed or shipped items before, you know that a box seldom holds an item perfectly.

Shipping boxes come in a range of sizes and shapes designed to accommodate the widest variety of items possible. For some items, though, that isn’t good enough.

A special item needs a crate that fits perfectly, provides sufficient load bearing capacity and prevents the item within from moving.

How Our Professional Crating Service Works

During your initial consultation with moveON moving, we’ll ask some questions about your item’s characteristics. You’ll tell us what the item is and give us a general idea of the item’s size and weight.

We’ll use the information to ensure that we have the proper supplies when we arrive on the day of your appointment.

To ensure that your item is never moved in an unsafe manner, the professionals from moveON moving will build the crate at your location.

We’ll begin by taking detailed measurements of your item to ensure that the crate fits perfectly and can bear the item’s weight. We’ll then build the crate using our supply of sturdy lumber.

The exterior design of a shipping crate is important because the crate’s dimensions, rated weight and joinery must be exactly right to ensure that its contents remain safe.

The crate’s interior structure, though, is equally important. The interior structure is also the key feature that differentiates crates from boxes.

Every crate that we build is a custom design tailored to the needs of a specific task. The professional crate builders at moveON moving will implement any design element necessary to ensure the safety of your item.

Some of the features that our builders may add to protect your item include:Wooden Crates stacked in a warehouse

  • Additional crossbeams for supporting very heavy loads
  • Weight testing to ensure that a crate can carry a heavy item before the item is placed inside
  • Hooks for tying down items that could shift or roll during transport
  • Custom foam inserts cut to the exact shape of the item for additional protection and restriction of movement
  • Other protective materials such as paper, bubble wrap, blankets or cotton batting
  • Holes in the floor of the crate for transport with a forklift

Turnkey Commercial Crating and Freight Service

Does your business manufacture items that are too bulky or fragile for standard shipping?

Contact moveON moving and ask about our turnkey crating and shipping solution for businesses.

Our custom crates will keep your products safe during shipping to your customers — and as professional movers, we have the experience necessary to ensure that your customers will receive their orders on time.