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For those who’re planning to relocate and are looking for commercial moving companies in Henderson, NV, moveON moving is definitely the best one to choose. We’ve moved hundreds of businesses, and commercial offices all around Henderson NV and we got a full-range of moving services that’ll take care of your all your business moving needs — no matter how big or small. We do it all!

Affordable Business Moving Company in Henderson, NV

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moveON moving are experienced local business movers in Henderson NV. As a business owner or manager in Henderson, of course you’d prefer to hire people whom you can trust and are proven to be efficient with their job. Good thing we at moveON moving are built by a team of expertly trained movers who knows what they’re doing. Plus, we provide our customers with affordable, full-service moving services that’ll cover everything from preparation to relocation.

We have years of experience in relocating businesses and commercial offices in Southern Nevada. So you can trust us with your business. Let us take care of your moving while you go and run your business.

Full-Service Business Move

A full-service business move that’ll take care of every detail of the whole moving process — that is what we promise to provide our clients. Plus, we’ll set you up with our very own commercial project manager who’ll work with you and your team from start to finish. This person will help you from the planning stage up until you’ve finally settled down in your new location.

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Here are some ways where moveON moving can help your business:

  • Moving boxes
  • Packing and labeling
  • Crating and uncrating
  • Dismantling office furniture and equipment
  • Cubicle uninstall and installation
  • Relocating office equipment
  • Short and long term storage service
  • Project planning and coordination
  • Expert movers who are insured, bonded and well-trained
  • Local and long-distance moves

Henderson Business Move Project Planning and Coordination

We at moveON moving aims to give our customers 100% satisfaction. Our team of expertly trained commercial move project managers will work closely with your team to organize everything about your big move.

They’ll be with you in every step of the moving process. From organizing checklists, to reviewing blueprints, deciding labeling protocols, and walk-throughs and keeping inventories. They’ll be there whenever and wherever you might need them.

They’ll make sure to keep everything on track, on budget and properly coordinated and completed on schedule with everything delivered on time and on target.

With us, you’ll no longer have to worry about the messy preparations and many details. Call us and we’ll take care of that for you. We’ll help you in packing, unpacking as well as in organizing your employees’ new work areas. We’ll do the tough job of taking down your shelves, cubicles, along with your other workspace items and move them to your new location and install them with precision.

So remember, if you’re a business owner in Henderson and you’re planning on moving, you only have one company to call and that is us, moveOn Moving. For more information on our services, you can contact us or get a FREE quote on our website.

Ten Ways to Sucessfully move your business to Henderson, NV

Moving is not an easy job, whether it is for commercial offices or business establishments, a lot of things need to be prepared and considered first. You’ll want to study up on how to move your business successfully without making any common business moving mistakes. Luckily, we at moveON moving provide our customers with full-service commercial moving services to help them successfully relocate their business anywhere in Henderson.

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And for those who’re planning on moving, below are a few ways to help you successfully move your business or commercial office/s in Henderson:

  1. Assign a Project Manager – This person will oversee everything from start to finish. Working together with an experienced move project manager will be a great advantage since you’ll have someone to rely on, will give you updates and handle all the tedious work while you continue on running your business. You can work with this person in making important decisions so you can be sure that everything stays on track. Hiring a move project manager will help your business avoid unnecessary setbacks and delays.
  2. Store old files/records and discard obsolete items – Another way to save on the movement cost would be by storing old files and records and keeping them in your off-site permanent storage facility. Also, create an inventory of your equipment, supplies and resale records and remove any damaged or items which you no longer need. Just take whatever is necessary and leave the others behind.
  3. Remember to have professionals inspect your new site – Electrical wirings, water leaks and other problems can quickly escalate and ruin your move and of course, your business, if left unchecked. Before and during the moving process, don’t forget to hire professionals to inspect every nook and cranny — from electricity, water, internet, kitchen appliances, ventilation and so on. Also, make sure that the new site strictly complies with the building regulations and permit to avoid any legal issues.
  4. Design an organized floor plan (and seating plan) before you move – Moving can be an exciting thing, but the organization and allocation of space can be quite messy. So coming up with a well-planned floor and seating plan before move day will save you lots of time and will also help you with the proper placement of electrical, water, phone and internet and data connections.
  5. Coordinate with your IT and Telecoms provider – Don’t forget to talk to your telecoms provider so they’ll know what to do once you start moving. Schedule the cable guy earlier and coordinate with them ahead of time to avoid any unwanted downtime.
  6. Use the Color Coding Scheme or the Numbering Scheme – For big offices and business establishments, putting which item in which place can be challenging. But, organizing them by putting big, color coded tags or grouping them by numbers will make the unloading and relocation much more efficient. Put matching color codes in the destination or place numbers in each office cubicle or rooms to specify each location. Also, placing directional signs on the walls will help the movers find their way much faster, thus making the whole moving process more methodical.
  7. Don’t forget to inform your clients about your plans of moving – Call them, send them an email or an SMS. Just make sure that all of your customers know about your plans of moving. Keep them updated through the whole process and inform them once you’ve finished moving. This method is a great way to keep your clients close and even show off your new facility. Also, once you’re already in your “new location”, don’t forget to update your contact information as well as your forms and the letterheads that you use for your customers and suppliers.
  8. Keep your important business documents/files readily accessible and available at all times – You’ll never know when you need them, so always keep a backup of your business files and documents with you, which you can carry or access anytime, anywhere. Using the Cloud system like Dropbox or Google Drive will help you a LOT when you need to do business while on move day.
  9. Have your employees personally move important or valuable items – Make a record of who’s keeping what and ask your employees to carry with them these valuable items such as art collections, antiques, or electronics, when they relocate to the new site. This way, you get to avoid the risk of any damages or even losing them during the moving process.
  10. Get your people involved – Have your employees contribute in the planning stages and help you with the packing. Getting your people involved will help them adjust better to their “new home”. Don’t forget to open a bottle of age wine and celebrate with them once the moving is over. Sharing the whole experience will deepen the bond you have will your employees.

Overall, moving doesn’t need to chaotic. With proper preparation and planning, this experience can be both fun and exciting, not just for you, but also for your employees as well as for your customers who’ll also be looking forward to see your company grow and move into their new home.

moveON moving specializes in local commercial office or business moves in Henderson. So if you need help in moving your factory, store, real estate office or any commercial business, we at moveON moving will help you get things done. We’ll provide you with an expert move project manager who’ll work with your team in handling all the aspects needed to ensure the successful relocation of your business.

We’ll be with you from beginning to the end — from packing to unpacking, loading and unloading from your old place to your new location. We’ll coordinate everything accordingly so you can focus on running your business smoothly.

What are you waiting for? Call us now and let’s talk about what you need.

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