Absolute Best Moving Tip: Move in the Winter


If you want to save up on moving expenses, it’s best to schedule your move during off-season like late fall or winter.

Here are some reasons why:

  1. Moving companies provide specials and coupons for moves that are scheduled during the winter season. This is because fewer people choose to move in the winter since it’s getting colder and the holidays are also coming up. So getting those coupons will save you hundreds of dollars from your budget.
  2. Most families want to move during the summer. Why? Because that’s the time when school’s out so it’s also a very busy time for movers. Because of this, movers offer lesser special promos and coupons in the summer. Also, if you plan to move in the summer, you need to book the date in advance to avoid the hassle since this is a peak season.
  3. A lot of properties (like houses, apartments, etc.) are bought and sold in the summer. A lot of home buyers would love to look at houses for sale in the spring and summer months since they look nicer, unlike in winter. However, since it’s mostly sunny here in Vegas, so that’ll be no problem. Plus, early fall can also be another great time for moving.

couple waiting for the apartment moversHowever, though winter might not be a problem in Las Vegas, consider the weather in the place where you plan to relocate to. Thick snow in your new location could affect the overall moving process.

Here are affordable long distance movers and packing services offered by moveON moving

moveON moving has many moving trucks and staff who’re ready to get to work all year round including late fall and winter. We offer our clients with amazing deals that aren’t usually available during peak months. For this year, we have a couple of winter promos that includes the following:


• Discounted boxes
• Free TV packing
• Discounts for Senior Citizens and Military Personnel
• $100 off long distance moves

Remember, if you’re planning to move this winter or late fall, we, at moveON moving company, your moving companies las vegas, will can provide all the help you get things done with less expense. We’ll take you and your belongings where you need to go and as quickly and efficient as we can. So call us now for further inquiries or get a FREE QUOTE on our website.

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