Appliance Movers in Las Vegas, Nevada

The toughest part of moving your house is not the packing, but rather the relocation of your huge, heavy appliances like TVs, washing machines, dryers, etc. Good thing, moveON moving has the best team of appliance movers in Las Vegas.

Our team will not just do the work for you, we’ll also help you in the preparation and planning stages of your big move. We’ll help you to come up with the most effective way to move your stuff while keeping everything on a budget and highly affordable — without sacrificing the quality of service. We’ll provide you with expert tips and advice toAppliance movers in las vegas make your move safer and more efficient.


One of the things that moveON moving is so proud of is its strong adherence to providing high-quality moving services to their clients. We’ll provide you with a team of professional appliance movers in Las Vegas NV or movers in Henderson NV, who’ll work together with you from start to finish.

But we don’t stop there, aside from our team of expert movers, we’ll also provide you with the latest equipment and supplies to help you finish the job in no time. Using the latest technology along with the best moving strategies, your move with us will definitely be much more convenient and hassle-free.

Overall, we want to give our customers only the best moving help by providing them with a list of affordable moving packages.

If you’re interested to learn more about the rates of our appliance movers in Las Vegas, give us a call right now.


There’s nothing more important than having great customer service satisfaction. In any kind of business, maintaining a healthy business to customer relationship is vital. So to ensure that all our clients are happily satisfied with our services, we work tirelessly and efficiently to give them what they really want and need.

Not only that, we also provide them with expert advice and assistance to address all of their concerns. We also present them with various options which they can choose from so that every decision they’ll make will reflect their individual preferences and requirements.

Give us a call now and let us help you with your moving concerns. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions, we’ll be here to answer all of them so you can make your decisions wisely.


Our services are designed to be efficient and affordable so that our clients will get the most of what they pay for. As an established moving company, we know how important it is to spend your money on the right things.

We at moveON moving promise to give you only the highest quality moving services at a very reasonable price. With us, you’ll get expert appliance movers help plus premium supplies which you can use to finish the job on time.

So call us now and let’s talk about what you need.


Aside from all these, we know that sometimes it’s much better to leave or dispose your old appliances like the refrigerator or the washing machine, especially if they’re already a bit old. In cases like these, we also provide our clients in Las Vegas with easy refrigerator disposal and recycling services.

Even with professional moving help, moving an appliance as big and heavy as a refrigerator can sometimes result to a broken toe or injury. If you find it no longer necessary to keep your fridge then it’s best to dispose of it.

In addition, moving a fridge may also cause some damages to your own house, especially if you do this without any professional help. This includes dents in your walls, a broken door frame, and scratches on the floor and so on.

Fortunately, residents living in Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City can rely on moveON moving to dispose of their old, outdated refrigerators. Our team is expertly trained to move big and heavy things such as this. Plus, they have all the right equipment and supplies they’ll need to accomplish this tough job.

Furthermore, not everyone knows this, but it’s not that simple to dispose an old refrigerator. There are some chemicals contained inside your unit which can be harmful to the environment and might contaminate the groundwater. Fridge disposal and recycling should comply with the local, state and federal laws to avoid hefty fines and other punishments.

It’s best to call professional appliance movers like moveON moving since they’re highly experienced and knowledgeable in proper fridge disposal and recycling.

Remember, don’t try to do this unless you have enough knowledge and experience or else, you’ll just end up damaging your house, the environment and yourself in the process. Plus, consider the fees that you’ll incur for home and damage repair, lost security deposits, environmental fees, transportation costs and landfill fees.

If it seems like it’s best to buy a new one, then decide to hire some professional appliance movers and let them handle this while you keep yourself and your friends safe from harm and possible liabilities.

moveON moving will take care of everything — from padding, handling as well as for recycling and disposal in accordance to the law. Moving Cross Country? No problem, we can do that too. Give yourself some peace of mind and give us a call now.

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